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For all things dairy

We’re located in the heart of California’s most productive dairy territory, Tulare County.

When it comes to all things dairy, we see it, live it, heck even smell it – which secures an unprecedented connection to producers and processors, and a reliable supply of high-quality products for our customers.

You can’t fortify a cheese vat with a future or run a blending operation on a hedge. Our competitors specialize in utilizing physical inventory to trade futures. FWD, on the other hand, specializes in securing your physical product.



Experts in the Dairy Industry

Quick & Helpful

Mark Silvas, Vice President Sales and Operations

Sales Marketing Team

Bill Jacoby, Midwest East Sales Manager

Tom Jacoby, Eastern US Fluid/Cream – Powder Business Development

Landon Silvas, Cream/Fluid Sales

Tony Peters, West Sales Manager

Pam Jeffery, Sales Manager, Product Development

Brandon Favia, Sales Midwest Fluid & Powder

Alexa McKim Southern CA Sales

Operations / Customer Service Team

Julie Kagy, Office and Customer Service Manager

Raymond Avila, Warehouse Manager



We have it in stock

FWD specializes in supplying a full range of premium dairy products at competitive prices. If you need dairy ingredients, we have what you need in stock. All our products meet federal and state requirements for wholesomeness and quality. Our guarantee to meet or exceed desired specifications has earned us a reputation for excellent customer service.

Dehydrated Dairy

FWD has dairy powder. Need SMP/NFDM? What about WPC, SWP, MPC and even WMP? Need to know what all this means? Give us a call.

Organic Products

FWD proudly stocks a full line of organic dehydrated dairy products. If you use conventional powder and need it in an organic version, we have it. Call us for the full organic menu.

Fluid Sales

FWD can fill up your needs with fluid if you need cream, condensed or fresh milk straight from the dairy. We feature conventional, rBST-free, and organic product.

Kraft Whey Powder

FWD is the sole distributor and marketing partner for Kraft whey powder manufactured at the Tulare Kraft Cheese Plant. Our close proximity to the plant ensures efficiencies and controls costs.

Refrigerated Products

FWD uses our extensive network of suppliers to provide a full-range of high-quality refrigerated dairy products, including cheese, butter, cream and more.

Specialty Dairy Products and Custom Formulations

FWD carries a full range of specialty dairy products such as cheese powders, cream powders, yogurt powders, nutritional powders, etc. We also offer custom formulations tailored for your specific needs.


We store it all

From organic to potential CME cash sales, we store it all.

FWD does not take warehousing lightly, nor should you. We operate multiple third-party audited food-approved warehouse spaces.  Ongoing relationships with the finest dairy manufacturing plants across the country enable FWD to deliver the right product in the most efficient way possible.

Need to flip a pallet, slip sheet, or stamp “P&E” dates? How about floor loading or pulling samples for pre-shipment evaluations? Our warehouse services are comprehensive. We know dehydrated dairy and we know how to move it for you.



You can rely on our experts


Risk Management

We can help you navigate volatile dairy prices by providing tailor-made risk management solutions. We offer competitive fixed pricing based on CME futures markets, and can buy out / buy back inventory on your behalf.


Processors Marketing

Partnering with our experienced team frees you to focus on production while we guarantee your return.


Off Grade or Animal Feed

We support our manufacturing partners in removing off-specification or feed products into mutually agreed end-use channels. Our ability to purchase, warehouse, and manage physical inventories by segregating product gives both the manufacturer and end-use customer the best value.


Read reports & trends

FWD leverages our extensive network of industry contacts to stay on top of the domestic and international dairy market landscape. Our experts also provide consultations on market trends as a value-added service for customers.

For the latest dairy supply, demand and inventory, as well as price trends, consult these resources:


Let us know what we can do for you!

With headquarters in the heart of the largest dairy-producing region in the United States, FWD has the flexibility to source an extensive array of well-known brands and provide you with the products you need when you need them.

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Visalia, California (HQ)

St. Louis, Missouri

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